Picture Gallery,

Only a few pics so far, as most of my family are camera shy, (I wonder what they`ve been up to ?), But i`m sure i`ll come up with something soon-ish.


Eagles eat your heart out,

Or should that be Laugh your a-- off.

Al, (left handed), and sadly no longer with us, myself, and Mark.

Jan 2016, RIP Glen Frey,

Singer, guitarist, and one of the founder members of the Eagles.

And here we have two old-(ish) blokes with two new guitars.

Mark and I have both wanted these particular models since Adam was a boy, and now we gone an` dun it         

I have since sold the 12 string, and Mark has "re-worked" the 6 string to suit his taste more, ie Completely reshaped it and refinished it in black. Now, i`m not a fan of black guitars, but he`s done a really good job on it, and it looks and sounds great.

The managementTricia and Lindsay, playing silly b*****s.

(Tricia, (left), is my Mrs, and Lindsay is Mark`s Mrs).

Not the best of pics, as they seem to have managed to turn themselves into Pete Townsend clones, (That reflection in the back of a spoon kinda look), but i`m sure we can get some better ones soon.

P.S. No offence intended Mr Townsend, Honest.