Painter, decorator,

                   (and guitar torturer) extraordinaire. 

             Welcome to my web site *

           Abandon hope all ye who enter here,

                      ---( I have )---

      Dec 2020 anouncment, please read at the                          bottom of the page.

ME ! I finally got round to updating that picture. (Yes, but look at the state of it !! )


On this site you will find out what i do  to earn a crust,  and what i do for a hobby.

These days, this site is Much more of what i do for a hobby, as i`m more of a  part-timer now, 

( Lazy old wotsit   )


Havn`t you lot got anything interesting / useful to do ?





    * You  call THIS,  a  website ??



As of  Dec 2020, I will be doing next to nothing on this site.(not much change there then ), 

I am having a load of work done to my house, loft extention and rear extention, so i`m going to be rushed off my feet with decorating and other minor works, at least till about March 2021.

With the result, I won`t be getting any guitar stuff done. Luckily enough, I don`t have anything to finish, or catch up with, so no-one else will be put out.

So, to anyone who bothers to visit this site, thank you, and my humble apologies, and i`ll maybe see you when I kick off again in the new year.

Cheers, T.      

Quick flying visit, March was a bit ambitious, considering it`s now early June and i`m just starting with my decorating. It could easily be 2022 before I get anything else done on here, so don`t hold your breath, I certainly won`t.


PS, (15-1-22), It`s gonna be 2023 before I get anywhere near organised at this rate. Oh well, worse things happen at sea, or so they say.

You will have to excuse the slightly silly graphics, I was just in a bit of a daft mood, But hey, what`s new.

This site is in a constant state of flux, (mainly as i havn`t got a clue what i`m doing, i`m a bit of a tech-know-nothing, as far as computers are concerned) So if you can`t find what you`re looking for, you`re either in the wrong place, or you can try any of the contact thingys on the decorating info page and ask me.